Davidson College Catalogs

The annual Davidson College catalog contains the official academic record of a given academic year. The catalog contains a list of trustees, faculty, and frequently students by class rank, in addition to an explanation of the official courses of study, rule and regulations of the college.
The early college catalogs (1841-1861; 1868-1869) are accessible online here. The remaining catalogs (1869-2012) are accessible below.

The materials in this collection are made available for use in research, teaching and private study. Texts and images from this collection may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission from Davidson College . Although these texts and images are made publicly accessible for the limited uses described above, they are not all in the public domain. Where copyright persists in this material, that right is owned either by Davidson College, the original copyright holder, or by the creators of the object or their descendants. When use is made of these texts and images, it is the responsibility of the user to secure any necessary permissions and to observe the stated access policy, the laws of copyright and the educational fair use guidelines.